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Why Investech?


The company was founded to ease your trading journey and remove the worries, overthinking and hours of learning. Investech appeared in 2020 to bring the greatest self-driving trading expert advisors to the market. It did so in order to save time, hassle, countless hours and money.

Our first Expert Advisor, the T-800, was created in this way. This is the most popular and sought after E.A. that has been created so far with an effective algorithm that's proven to show results alongside The Trailblazer and The Collector and much more to come.

Recently we have affiliated with one of the best regulated brokers out there ICMarkets and TioMarkets to bring you the lowest spreads in the market, simple onboarding for clients and numerous great benefits.

The E.As are easy to set up using any broker you desire and using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) so the E.A can run 24/7 for you to make profits even when you're not trading manually. We offer a set up and guide you live step by step on how to set it up and make adjustments and tests. Booking can be made by dropping me a message to avoid disappointment.

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John Pometcu


A bit about myself. I am an experienced programmer in several languages. My trading experience began in 2019 and i've completed several courses, watched tons of videos but still couldn't make sense of it all and wasted countless hours and money on becoming a successful trader. After years of honing my skills and understanding how the markets work I began programming a robot to do my bidding. 

I wanted to create a product that helps your everyday trader and also people who wish to start trading although they don't have the time to learn and discover all kinds of strategies. A product that makes profits from day 1.

Therefore I chose to build and deliver these products that meet the demands and desires of traders worldwide. I've developed several expert advisors (E.A) for the MT4 & soon MT5 market that work tremendously with any financial instrument.

Every trading expert advisor has been thoroughly tested to deliver the most profitable amounts during any period of time.

Check out our products in the shop section and see for yourself.